Vero is a large format touring sound system. It has been designed, developed and perfected over the last five years, with the aim of delivering a new sound experience to the live/touring environment. Its creation has been instigated and directed by some of the best audio brains and ears in the world and its development influenced by a number of industry experts. Through beta testing on tours, festivals and various one-off events, the system has been fine tuned to ensure it delivers the best audio quality possible and the most straightforward user experience.

Vero is a complete system – featuring loudspeakers, amplification, rigging and software – that combines outstanding sonic performance and ease of use. Its arrayable format means it is designed for the ergonomic expectations of modern touring environments, yet its audio quality and efficiency is unprecedented. Vero is a new type of system that comes from a new approach to tour sound. See System >>

Features and Benefits