Last Word

Though the seeds of Vero were sewn many years ago, its development started out like many of our projects, with a determination to create something better and to push frontiers. Something that sounds better, that gives a new level of audio experience and is easy to use. After six years of painstaking work, I truly believe we have produced a system that is capable of shifting the paradigms of audio performance and audience enjoyment.

Throughout nearly five decades working in audio, I have always been intent on pure, unadulterated sound. Preservation of the fragile original audio signal through the component chain is a fundamental requirement for natural sound. If the signal is over processed with, for example, extreme amounts of EQ or beam steering delay, then it will sound processed and substandard. With Funktion-One and with Turbosound before that, we have gone to great lengths to achieve directivity and level control by natural means, thus preserving transient information and allowing full realisation of the sonic image.

Good audio is an art. It isn’t plant hire. The part it plays in people’s enjoyment of music is severely underestimated.

The overall result with Vero is industry leading coherence and accuracy, resulting in a big sound of dimension and intimacy. Vero presents a very spacious and realistic sound stage, meaning that artists, engineers and concertgoers can enjoy unprecedented dynamic range and fidelity, which is how audio should be.

It is very concerning that despite all the technological advances of the last 25 years, audio standards have actually declined, resulting in a somewhat corrupted communal appreciation of what good sound is. This is often characterised by an overemphasis of high mid and neglect of mid bass. Vero offers high mids that are very smooth yet fast and detailed, with mid bass that is rich, warm and transparent, allowing greater use of these powerful frequencies. With Vero, we hope to turn the tide and enable people to embrace the spectrally-even dynamic and exhilarating possibilities it presents.

I truly believe that the dynamics, transient, sensitivity and presentation of the audio spectrum of this completely new development in loudspeakers offers a new level of mixing engagement.

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Tony Andrews