Projection Software - System design

Projection design and prediction software allows Vero users to optimise array designs for smooth audience coverage and generate detailed venue specific system information. Projection presents a user friendly interface with many features that make deploying Vero on events and tours straightforward.

Venue view

In the Venue plan view, it is possible to build virtual venues using a ready pallet of easily manipulated geometric shapes and position arrays within the venue in a matter of minutes.

Side view

Arrays are designed in the Side elevation view where FlyGrid trim height and declination are set and enclosures added and aimed. Rigging information, motor positions and weight loadings can be seen and FlyGrid and jib settings adjusted for optimum weight distribution with clear warnings if design loading is exceeded.

3D views

The coverage and SPL can be seen in the 3D View which can be zoomed and rotated to any viewpoint. Most array adjustments can be fine-tuned and the resulting SPL changes seen in real time at third octave frequency intervals.

Equipment List

The equipment list compiles the total quantity of loudspeakers, flygear, amplifiers, cables and transportation equipment specified in a project and cross-checks this with a list of available equipment. Any shortages are clearly flagged.

Amplifier configuration

Amplifier configuration In this screen, amplifiers are added and assigned to the loudspeakers. Microphone function Provides the frequency response at any position within the venue with an optional A-weighted filter.

PDF Export / Projection specific files 

Projection allows users to export detailed design information in PDF form. The Array PDF includes all the rigging and set up information required to fly the PA. Parameters include: Rigging point positions; FlyGrid settings; Array pan angle and inclination; Enclosure type, order and inter-cabinet angle settings; Amplifier gain adjustments; Load information. Further PDF exports include truck list, equipment list and detailed amplifier configurations. Venue, array and truck lists can also be saved as Projection specific files and used in other projects.