Cabling and Rigging

Vero’s Lambda flying system (patent pending) is designed for speed, safety and ease of use. It allows Vero arrays to be deployed accurately and efficiently. All rigging settings can becalculated using Vero’s Projection software. Vero’s inter-cabinet splay angles can be adjusted with the system in suspension.

The Lambda system consists of the FlyGrid with telescopic boom and enclosure FlyPlates which are integral to the V60, V90 and V315 enclosures. The FlyPlates are detachable fortesting and maintenance. The FlyGrid comes complete with a pod containing an inclinometer, laser aiming guide and a rear pull tension indicator. A customised FlyGrid road-trunk makestransport and on-site assembly straightforward and provides stowage for all related hardware

Flying System in focus

Lambda Flying System

Every detail of Vero’s flying system has been developed so that its operation is as slick as possible. The indexer/angle dial is clearly marked and straightforward to set. Even the captive pip-pins that link cabinets together have been designed in-house and are flush when engaged, as are the sprung handles.

Inter-cabinet splay angles are pre-set using the indexer. The system lifts and lands as a straight hang, making rigging operations much easier. Once flown, the array is tensioned to its pre-set splay angles using a rear lever hoist and bridle. Fine adjustment of the inter-cabinet angles may be made with the system off the ground.

Crucially, the Lambda flying system keeps the audio sources in correct alignment regardless of the angle between enclosures, ensuring accurate timing and coherency.