The Vero speaker system’s transport dolly is specifically designed for the various challenges of live events and touring productions. The platform of the dolly is fitted with guides that ensure a Vero column settles into the correct position when landing. The guides also work as restraints, securing the load in transit.

Each dolly is designed to carry four pre-rigged Vero V60, V90 or V315 cabinets. The eight-inch, polyurethane wheels resist deformation and their castor bearings are able to handle high levels of lateral force, while sealed wheel bearings ensure smooth operation. Dollys can be stacked one on top of the other for tidy storage during events. They are robustly constructed from steel and are powder coated black. Each corner of the dolly has a reinforced section that neatly accommodates a hand-operated jack, allowing the user to level the system when flying it from uneven ground. Finally there is a 1000 denier Cordura nylon waterproof padded cover to protect four Vero enclosures while stacked on a dolly, with windows for enclosure identification. Every aspect of the system’s transportation has been methodically considered to make handling Vero as quick, easy and as safe as possible.