What the experts say

“To have the new Vero VX showcased at Hide & Seek was brilliant. It was absolutely outstanding. In sound checks, we had issues with high frequencies bouncing off the trees at the back of the field. By making a couple of minimal adjustments to the vertical array angle, with its accurate coverage pattern, the issue totally disappeared, leaving even coverage across the audience areas.”

Pete Rollinson – Audioserv

“Vero VX is equipped for touring applications. The cabinets are simple to push onto dollies, pick up and hang. It’s essentially a plug and play system, which makes our job easier. You can push it off a van, plug it in and you’re good to go. I’ve received emails from engineers saying Vero VX is one of the best systems they’ve ever worked on – so it’s been a satisfying process, especially having been involved closely in the R&D and demo process. A good loudspeaker performs well in any environment and Vero VX is particularly good for both electronic and live music. The vocal range is amazing.” 

Oz jefferies – Audio Feed