Vero VX’s more compact format brings Vero sound to a wider range of venues. Though smaller in footprint, Vero VX has an equally intelligent acoustic and mechanical design for leading audio quality and ease of use.

The Vero VX system comprises VX90 full-range vertically arrayable loudspeakers, V124 or V221 bass enclosures, amp racks, fly bars, transport dollies, ground stack hardware, cabling and Projection predictive software.

“Striking realism with natural, powerful vocals”


  • Funktion-One wide bandwidth Axhead midrange (300Hz – 5kHz) for natural and effortless vocal clarity
  • Isophase diffraction waveguide (HF) for coherent high frequency summation
  • Lambda rigging ensures accurate array alignment
  • Choice of motorised or static fly beams
  • High efficiency drivers giving dynamic headroom, high SPL and low amplifier count
  • Innovative FIR filter design providing wide and consistent horizontal dispersion whilst ensuring accurate transient response
  • No corrective EQ, preserving headroom and phase coherency
  • Very clean output, even at maximum power
  • Excellent results when used as a single enclosure

“Acoustically flat response – no corrective EQ”