What the experts say

“I’ve never heard the Manchester Arena sound so good. It’s been a running theme that mixing in stereo doesn’t add anything to the sound, Vero blows this theme into myth. The stereo imaging, even well off axis, is phenomenal. It’s the cleanest and most precise sound I’ve ever had the privilege to mix on, and that was the first phase of beta testing.”

Dave Swallow – FOH Engineer

“I believe I was one of the first beta users of an early version of the Vero, during a festival in Berlin with Nile Rodgers and Chic. We often work on one-offs and festivals with this artist, without a sound check and using whatever resident system is supplied, so it’s not always easy to get the mix right at the first song, but once the show started I had the impression I was working on a system I already knew, with very little to correct on the system EQ and settings. I’m looking forward to using the Vero again and to listen to Tony’s updates on this system.”

John Ryan – FOH Engineer

“Over the past four decades, some of the most satisfying shows I have ever done have been mixed on speaker systems designed by Tony Andrews and John Newsham.  It’s a legendary partnership that has never deviated from the pursuit of audio excellence, regardless of passing trends. Vero embodies all the qualities that have made all their previous ground breaking systems stand out.  When I first heard the prototype in a muddy field in pouring rain, it still impressed enormously, and the finished product has lost nothing in the final translation.” 

Roger Lindsay – FOH Engineer

“I wanted to send you a note to tell you how much I enjoyed your new system. I wish the venue would have been better. But I feel the quality of the new system saved us from potential disaster. Even with all the challenges, I only got positive reviews on the sound. Nobody has a bad thing to say about our work or gear, only the venue acoustics. Good going and thanks. Hope to see you again in a proper place so we can make this awesome new system really rock.”

Dennis Moody – FOH Engineer

“My first major contact with Vero was at ‘Into the Valley’ in 2015. Sound pressure versus optical impression was the best ratio I’ve ever experienced. Clarity and transient behaviour are amazing and it can be fed via Dante to avoid unnecessary AD/DA conversions in the signal chain. Vero requires only a tiny amount of EQ. The situation at Into the Valley was not the easiest for a sound system, as it’s a bit of a Greek amphitheatre layout. I was surprised how constant the sound stayed in 50 metres and more, when I went upstairs. Combined with well-trained personnel, this system is capable of incredible results.”

Johannes Krämer – FOH Engineer

“I have had experience of Vero at two major UK festivals and on both occasions achieved music noise levels in audience areas which were higher than we expected to achieve, and maintained a level at residential locations well below the noise limits. I have found the Vero system to be highly directional with limited overspill from intended coverage areas.”

Warren King – Senior Acoustic Consultant, Vanguardia Consulting